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FAQ's & Maintenance

Frequently Asked Questions


Do your rockers have a safety standard? Yes, they follow The Product Safety Standards (Children's Toys) Regulations 2005, and meet the standards for AS/NZS ISO 8124.

Optimum child's age to ride on the rockers? Our rockers are built for children aged 12+ months to 4 years old. We do discourage children older than our recommended age bracket from riding the rockers.

Your product comes flat packed, is it easy to put together? Our product comes with simple graphic step by step instructions for assembly. You could follow along with our assembly video which is on our website. The video features the whale which has the most parts. Each animal is assembled in the same order.

What tools will I need to assemble the rocker? You will need a drill with a number 2 phillips head bit or a screwdriver (this will take longer but can certainly be done with some muscle). We use standard 8G 50mm screws.

Is supervision needed? We strongly recommend you supervise your little people when they are using their rocker. Especially between the ages of 1-2 years when they are masting walking and are curious. It is attractive to climb on and when not physically able, accidents can and do happen. Rocking is a learned skill and it will take months and months to master. When they do master the rock, they will still need help to get on and off till they are tall enough. 

Where should I store my child's rocking animal? We think our rockers look spectacular in a lounge room or kids bedroom. They are NOT built for weather so please don't leave them outside.

Can my child use their rocker outside? Ideally, our rockers are an indoor wooden toy. They can certainly be used outdoors on a nice sunny day, however, they need to be brought indoors before any dew or rain / water damages them. Plywood will split with the addition of water.

Are there felts underneath the rocking section?  Rockers don't have felt runners underneath. We strongly recommend if you have wooden floors, to pop them on a mat of their own or a rug to protect your floors and to stop them sliding around. They do gain movement when rocked upon so a mat is always a good idea. Like our children, they are on and off their rockers all day so you never can guarantee when they will be used. 

Do you ship to the South Island?  Yes! We ship all over New Zealand including rural addresses. 

Do you ship Internationally? Yes! We ship to ALL Australian address including rural and remote for a set flat fee of $40NZD. We have absorbed as much as of the cost as we could to make it affordable for our customers. Remember when you are at the checkout, you are paying in NZ dollars so it will be cheaper with the exchange rate. Check with your bank.

Delivery? If you live within the Mt Maunganui, Papamoa, Te Puke and Tauranga areas, we offer a free delivery service of an ASSEMBLED rocker. If you wish to access this option, please choose it at the check-out. We use a courier service for all other regions. You will receive a flat-packed rocker and will need to assemble it yourself. There are easy to follows instructions included.

What happens if I travel to Tauranga / Mount area for work. Can I buy a rocker fully assembled and pick it up? Sure! Please contact us first via the contact page to discuss your options. We do have a 2 week turn around from your order date so please keep this in mind with your travel plans. We can fit 2 in our SUV car boot and one on the back seat of the car (for an idea of size). They will NOT fit on the backseat next to a baby seat. We can give you exact measurements if you are keen for this option, please chat with us.



What happens if our rocker gets scratched / dinted? Our children are rough with toys and the rockers are no exception. You can simply give it a sand with sandpaper (weight depends on how deep the damage is - go for 180 to start with as it is a relatively fine weight) and a wipe down with a cloth afterwards. Simple as that! We think that dints and scrapes add character to wooden toys. These can certainly cop some punishment, ours have cars, blocks, digger bumps and scrapes all over them.

Water marks? Our toddler likes to squirt his waterbottle at our two rockers. Water will expand the wood. We leave it to completely dry and lightly sand afterwards as the section that gets wet raises slightly.

What treatment have they received? We have not treated our plywood rockers. They are in original wood form without any oils or lacquers. If you are going to use any of these, please be mindful it will change the colour of the wood.

How often should we tighten the screws? We recommend checking all screws are nice and tight every 6 months for private use. Please check screws every 3 months when using in a Daycare Setting. 

How do I care for the wood? Please check the wood condition every 6 months. To do this, run your hand around the edges of both the animal and the rocker section to make sure there are no sections that have come loose and could pose a splinter risk. Use a fine sandpaper of 180 weight and give it a light sand with the grain. This should take any edges that have become sharp from use away. 


How do I secure the clock to the wall? We have a sliding mechanism to help you balance the clock on your wall. You will need 2 small pin nails / 2 picture hooks / 2 3M plastic hooks, whatever your choice of method. We have included instructions in with your clock for assistance.

What happens if I damage the hands when securing the clock to the wall? The hands on the clock are very fragile. If you bend them, they can be bent back with lots of care and attention. If you do this, please make sure the hand tips can pass by each other and do not overlap. This will cause stress on the time keeping mechanism if at any stage they are trapped from making their rotation around the clock.