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Animals that rock

Bespoke plywood products with a difference

Add some greenery!

Clocks, an essential part of life, why not make them rad?

Our products are crafted by Us from high quality plywood. Plywood is incredibly strong with layers of wood laminated together at 90 degree angles.

The unique animal shape is enhanced with its characteristic wood knots, darker discolouration and imperfections in the grain. Even with the same animal shape, no two will ever look the same. 

Why Rock?

Rocking has been around for centuries. For appearance sakes, it seems like such a simple action, but for the young, it's a complex process. Obviously requiring balance, rocking also needs core stability, leg muscles, hand and finger coordination. It's the sheer enjoyment putting those skills together for the very first time that keeps kids coming back for more.

Riding Wallace

It was months after this little guy's first birthday that he finally perfected getting on/off a rocker.

Dune Monsters


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Customise the Colour

Customise the Colour

We flat-pack

DIY construction with simple to follow instructions. Watch our Wallace Assembly video.

We flat-pack


Mount Maunganui, 

Bay of Plenty, New Zealand

Assembling wallace

Wallace is our rocker with the most pieces. We recommend using an electric drill with a number 2 phillips head bit to assemble your rocker. If you don't have a drill, you can assemble the rocker with a screwdriver. It will just take longer with some extra muscle. The second screw in the video is secured using a phillips head screwdriver.

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